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Daily Hope

with Pastor Rick Warren
Radical Hope- Pt 2 Thursday, December 7, 2017
Answering the question of where to place our hope is an essential part of life. We may be sitting in front of a pile of bills saying, is there hope? We may be standing at the side of a fresh grave saying, is there hope? We may be sitting in a doctor’s office reviewing tests and saying, is there hope? We may be waiting for a job offer after having been laid off and saying, is there hope? Join Pastor Rick as he teaches about the one thing — the only thing — that can give you eternal, lasting, certain hope.  Some people fear that if they commit their lives to Christ, they won’t be able to keep their commitment. But the keeping your commitment is not up to you. It’s up to God. He does the keeping, and that means we can never lose our salvation. Join Pastor Rick as he teaches from God’s Word.

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