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Intend Ministries

with Allen Jackson
Christmas, A Promise Fulfilled - Personal Preparation Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Following God has much to do about willingness. Mary and Joseph were young people who were prepared to receive God’s message and embrace God’s purposes because there was a trajectory in their lives toward the Lord. Whatever season and circumstances you are in, you’ll be blessed as you begin to say, “Yes,” to the Lord with a greater intent, a greater purpose, and a greater sense of the honor in serving Him.

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Israel, the Church, and the World

The more clearly we understand what’s happening in the land of Israel, the better prepared we are to recognize and follow God’s purposes in our lives. In our series, Israel, the Church, and the World, we meet with some very informed individuals who provide their insight about what God is doing in Israel, the Church, and in the Middle East. Now you can get the entire series on DVD, PLUS three additional messages that were not released for broadcast. 

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