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Turning Point

with Dr. David Jeremiah
The Five Signs of Life, Part 2 Monday, May 04, 2015

What do dusty shoes, worn-out knees, rolled-up sleeves, open hands, and outstretched arms have in common? Dr. David Jeremiah explains that they’re all signs of a vibrant Christian life – the things people can see being lived-out in the daily walk of a healthy, growing believer. 


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Signs of Life Discover how to live a more relevant, compassionate, and generous Christian life than you ever thought possible! Dr. Jeremiah’s Signs of Life prompts us to live an active, authentic faith with 40 brief, day-by-day readings expressing five key signs of life: Dusty Shoes—Living a Relevant LifeWorn-Out Knees—Living a Yielded LifeRolled-Up Sleeves—Living an Authentic LifeOpen Hands—Living a Generous LifeOutstretched Arms—Living a Compassionate Life.
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