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A Daily Walk

with John Randall
The Great Commission Part 1 Friday, March 1, 2024
There are a lot of fakes in this world. Fake identities, fake currency. Even fake news.  So can we trust Jesus when He says He is the Messiah? Jesus is the real thing, and He proved it through His resurrection from the dead.  He is Risen... so now what?  We’ll pursue that question with Pastor John Randall here today on A Daily Walk.  We’ll be in the twenty-fourth chapter of Luke, looking at the great commission.

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The Time of the Signs

This month we’re featuring a book from our friend in the ministry, Barry Stagner, “The Time of the Signs.”  In it Barry explores the events that will precede Christ’s return.  And he answers common questions like, “Why is the rebirth of Israel the most significant sign that the end times are near?  Where does the rapture fit in the chronology of all that will occur in the last days?”

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