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Abounding Grace

with Pastor Ed Taylor
Communion with Jesus Part 2 Saturday, February 24, 2024
Have you ever stopped to think for a moment about what life would be like if it weren’t for the sacrificial death of Jesus on the Cross? Life would be pointless, futile and empty. In fact that can pretty much sum up any life today that doesn’t include a relationship with Jesus. Today on Abounding Grace pastor Ed Taylor continues our verse by verse study of First Corinthians with a look what communion is all about. The church in Corinth had lost sight of this, let’s make sure we don’t do the same.

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Face Your Fears

Pastor Ed Taylor has a new book called, “Face Your Fears.” We all deal with fear from time to time, and maybe right now it’s at an all-time high for you! God has given us this emotion for good reasons, but there are those times when our fears become illogical and unreasonable. They lead us to make bad decisions that only makes things worse. God is with you and His perfect love casts out fear. That’s the emphasis of Face Your Fears.

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