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Abounding Grace

with Pastor Ed Taylor
Paying the Price to Win Souls to Jesus Part 2 Saturday, December 9, 2023
If you’re a sports fan, you probably know full well that there’s a lot that goes into actually winning.  The athletes train long and hard.  They eat and sleep right, and should be at the top of their game by the time they compete.  But what is necessary to win the Christian race?  That’s the question before us today on Abounding Grace.  Pastor Ed Taylor opens First Corinthians nine and points to what is required to run to win. 

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A Case For Christmas

Here in the month of December we’ve picked out a timely resource we think you’ll enjoy and get a lot out of.  It would even make for a great Christmas gift!   It’s called, “The Case for Christmas.” So who was in the manger that first Christmas morning?  Not everyone agrees on the answer to that.  If He was the divine Son of God, how do you know for sure?  Lee Strobel investigates in, “The Case for Christmas.”

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