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Cleansing the Temple Wednesday, January 15, 2020
The temple was the center of Jewish life. It was the place where God was most present on earth. But, with the coming of the Messiah, that would no longer be the case! Liam Goligher explains Jesus’ role in changing the focus of worship--and, the powder keg He would ignite by His actions in Jerusalem--on No Falling Word.

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Trinity: The Two Natures of Christ

If Christians confuse what is true of Jesus Christ as a human being with what is true of the Eternally Divine Son, they make very serious errors indeed. The most obvious is to conflate the exaltation of the Son of God from all eternity with the welcome given by the Father to the God-Man Christ Jesus, who redeemed God’s elect through a sacrificial death. So, in these great teachings, a course correction is long overdue, lest we run out of fuel over water. We must adore Jesus Christ our Lord, both fully Son of Man and fully Son of God.

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