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Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

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No Turning Back Tuesday, May 30, 2023
The question of “calling” is raised by everyone. It does not matter what the issue is, it can be vocation, place of residence, or spirituality. This question of calling is answered in part through the story of Elijah’s anointing Elisha to replace him as prophet. This is Every Last Word with Philip Ryken.

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Knowing I Was Born Again (PDF Download)

Isaac Ambrose (1604–1664) was an English preacher and Presbyterian living during the interregnum. In 1640 he wrote Prima and Ultima, with Prima presenting the message of regeneration and Ultima the last things (he would later write the lengthy Media on the doctrine of sanctification). As you read the material, we pray you will grow in your understanding of salvation, convinced that you are indeed a child of God.

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