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Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

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On Knowing God: The Christian's Certainty by J.I. Packer Friday, September 25, 2020
In memory of the late J.I. Packer, our Event Friday features the 1975 Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology that focused on the subject matter of Dr. Packer's influential book, "Knowing God." R.C. Sproul and Ralph Keiper also spoke at this memorable event some 45 years ago! The complete set of messages, as well as the PCRT Anthology, are available at ReformedResources.org.

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The Authority of Scripture (PDF Download)

The world is filled with authorities, each voice telling us how to live. Yet our Lord speaks, cutting through the noise and ringing "above all earthly powers." This booklet delves into the richness of biblical authority, a topic often misunderstood even in Christian circles. Carl Trueman, David Garner, and others attempt to set the record straight, outlining just what it means to stand under the awesome authority of God's Word.

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