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Reformation Now! Friday, March 16, 2018
In spite of its large budgets and numerous adherents, the evangelical church is in serious trouble today. The reason is that it has forgotten its theology. Although it is a product of the sixteenth century Protestant Reformation, it is no longer discernibly Protestant. The evangelical church has forgotten its Reformation convictions. Thousands within our churches no longer know the importance of nor do they even understand such doctrines as “Scripture Alone,” “Faith Alone,” “Grace Alone,” and “Christ Alone” - the very truths for which our forbearers were willing to lay down their lives. Dr. R. C. Sproul

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Trinity: The Two Natures of Christ

If Christians confuse what is true of Jesus Christ as a human being with what is true of the Eternally Divine Son, they make very serious errors indeed. The most obvious is to conflate the exaltation of the Son of God from all eternity with the welcome given by the Father to the God-Man Christ Jesus, who redeemed God’s elect through a sacrificial death. So, in these great teachings, a course correction is long overdue, lest we run out of fuel over water. We must adore Jesus Christ our Lord, both fully Son of Man and fully Son of God.

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