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Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

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The Secular Church Thursday, July 9, 2020
We're celebrating America's birthday on The Bible Study Hour this week. The modern-day church has bought into a secular mindset—a mindset that tells us we’re not so bad and that we can help ourselves. Some would tell us that we’re to rejoice in our newfound freedom, but is that kind of freedom a cause for rejoicing? Join Dr. James Boice as he explores the consequences when the church depends on the consensus of society rather than the Word of God.

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Pleasing God in Our Worship (PDF Download)

Formal and contemplative services in vast cathedrals are as much a part of Christian worship today as casual and boisterous services in refurbished warehouses. Yet this very diversity raises a question: Are all forms of worship equally pleasing to God? Worship wars have erupted over many issues, including liturgy, music, and "seeker sensitivity." Amidst it all, the spirit of the age has often silenced the Spirit of Christ, and as a result we're all left wondering what is the right way to worship. This booklet guides believers in recovering biblical worship. It will help you think about what pleases God, evaluate worship from a biblical point of view, and restore our Lord to the center of our worship—where He belongs.

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