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The Grace Message

with Dr. Andrew Farley
Forever in His Presence – Part 9 Sunday, July 21, 2024
As we wrap up our series, “Forever in His Presence,” this grand-finale message underscores a powerful truth: We are safe and secure in Jesus and can have total confidence with God. Imagine a loving husband and his bride. Does he want her to be afraid? Walking on eggshells? Wondering if divorce is looming? Of course not! Just as a husband desires his bride to feel secure and cherished, so too Jesus wants His bride (the church) to feel secure – always. Pastors, teachers, leaders, and fellow believers of all kinds should always be ready to encourage others in the truth of their security in Christ, not to scare them. Otherwise, we end up assisting in the work of the Accuser rather than the work of God! Throughout our journey through 1 John, we’ve uncovered the depth of our total forgiveness, our righteousness in Christ, and our perfect safety in Him. We’ve even explored the profound truth of the assurance we can have at the final judgment. Now, don’t miss this chance to fully embrace God’s desire for you to know your rock-solid safety and stability in Him. Join us for this powerful and encouraging finale, and let’s celebrate together the profound security we have in Jesus Christ. Discussion Questions: 1. What did you learn in this series about your forgiveness? 2. What did you learn about your compatibility with Christ? 3. What about your righteousness? Be specific. 4. How are the new commandments on your heart different from the Law? 5. How do you feel about the final judgment? Why? 6. Recall the husband-wife analogy. How does a husband want his wife to feel? How does Christ want you to feel?

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