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The Grace Message

with Dr. Andrew Farley
The Great News of the Gospel – Part 7 Sunday, March 19, 2023
Abraham and David are perfect examples of those who were credited with righteousness and had their sins covered. By faith, they were forgiven and made right before God. But we have something more than a credited righteousness and something better than a sin covering. Find out why you can celebrate God’s grace even more than Abraham or David in this eye-opening message on Romans 4. Questions for Romans 4:1-15 1. Read verse 3. In what way is our righteousness more than credited to us? 2. Read verse 5. Why do you think the idea of “not working” and simply believing is so controversial today? 3. Read verse 7. In what way is our forgiveness more than a covering? 4. Read verse 8. How does this respond to those who claim we need to keep short accounts with God? 5. Read verse 10. Why is Paul’s question and answer so important here? 6. Read verses 11-12. How is Abraham an example to both the Jews and the Gentiles? 7. Read verse 15. Does this mean Christian never commit sins? Why or why not?

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