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with Dr. John Ankerberg
Are Mormons Christians? - Part 2 Wednesday, February 26, 2020
A 2011 national survey recently showed that half of all Americans believe Mormons are Christians. It also showed that 39% of evangelical Christians agreed. This finding has caused many to ask, Are Mormons Christians? Is Mormonism the only true church and all of Christianity wrong? Being Temple worthy is an important practice in the Mormon tradition, but do promises made in this process stand inconsistent with biblical Christianity? What about Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church? How did he receive his revelations and prophecies? In this series, we will address these questions and ask, What do Mormons really believe?

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Are Mormons Christians?

This study features three prominent Mormons who have left the LDS Church and have become Christians. It will help you learn more about this movement and how you can better share your faith with those from a Mormon background. Mormon teaching claims to be a restoration of true Christianity and therefore rejects biblical Christianity as being true. This and much more is covered in this series of programs.

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