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Ankerberg Show

with Dr. John Ankerberg
If Jesus Wasn’t God Then He Deserved An Oscar - Episode 6 Thursday, April 22, 2021
Dr. John Ankerberg presents the case for Christianity in this expanded version of his 45 minute lecture. In it you will learn what you can say to the person who claims to be an atheist or an agnostic, as well as the historical facts that indicate Jesus rose from the dead, and facts of history that can only be explained by Jesus’ resurrection.

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Step by Step through Creation

Dr. Ross and Dr. Ankerberg will take you verse by verse through Genesis 1 and 2 in four programs. You will learn how the biblical account of creation can be reconciled with current scientific evidence. This 4 programs series is available in Blu-ray and DVD and has a Companion Study Guide available which is perfect for group or individual study.

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