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Ankerberg Show

with Dr. John Ankerberg
Step by Step Through the Book of Revelation - 6 Friday, November 8, 2019
This series with Dr. DeYoung provides an inspiring and easy-to-understand overview of the future events described in the Bible’s final book. He establishes “three main pillars” of Revelation, representing the Rapture of the Church, the second coming of Christ to earth and the final judgment. This teaching is not only important for the future but offers much insight for how we live today.

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The Evidence for the Historical Jesus

How do we know that the Jesus of history is the same Jesus of our Christian faith? How can we know what message was preached about Jesus BEFORE any of the New Testament books were written? Are there any non-Christian sources that tell us Jesus actually lived, died on a cross, was buried, and afterwards was seen by His disciples? What historical material inside and outside of the New Testament shows Jesus Himself said that He was God? What historical facts show that a few days after Jesus was buried His tomb was found empty? Is it possible for a skeptic to get from “the disciples THOUGHT they saw Jesus after He died” to “the disciples actually SAW Jesus”?

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