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Ankerberg Show

with Dr. John Ankerberg
The Battle to Dethrone Jesus - Part 1 Friday, January 11, 2019
What information must every Christian know to answer the new questions about Jesus? Does Christianity possess the solid historical roots it has always claimed? Is it based on the testimony of those who knew Jesus personally? Can it be shown that the early Christians accurately conveyed the teachings of Jesus and the events of his life? What evidence shows Jesusanity is wrong?

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What is Christianity? Why is it more than just a moral code or philosophy of life? Why is Christianity based on a real man who lived by the name of Jesus Christ? Who were the 9 authors gave us information about Jesus? Why is it true that if people won't accept the basis of the N.T. documents, then they must reject all of the Greek and Roman classics as well? Did Jesus ever claim to be special, a prophet, a Messiah, or God? On what basis did Jesus say He will give someone eternal life? What evidence shows that Jesus' enemies hear Him say that He was God? What evidence indicates Jesus performed miracles? What historical facts indicate Jesus rose from the dead? What 6 facts of history can only be explained by Jesus' resurrection?

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