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Back to the Bible

with Dr. Bryan Clark
Rescued from Judgment Pt. 1 Tuesday, October 15, 2019
In a culture of counterfeits, the most destructive lies are often found within the church!  Pastor and Bible Teacher Bryan Clark shares that warning in today’s message from 2nd Peter.  Later, he’ll join Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney in-studio to talk about what it takes to discern the truth.

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Grow Strong in the "Grace and Knowledge of Christ"

It's easy to be confused when we're constantly bombarded with lies.  Every day, anti-Christian messages and philosophies attempt to pull us in dozens of different directions - usually far away from God.  We're exposed to lies in the media, in the workplace, in the classroom … even in the church.  Pastor Bryan Clark explores these and other topics in this powerful examination of 2 Peter. And for a gift of 50 dollars or more, we’ll also send you volume 1 – A Study of 1st Peter. 

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