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Baptist Bible Hour

with Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
The Scarlet Line in the Window, Part 1 of 2 Sunday, January 24, 2021
“She bound a scarlet line in the window” (Joshua 2:21). As we consider this portion of scripture, we first see service. The spies were sent into the city of Jericho. We then see providence. They were led to a woman who would help them. Then we see faith. How unexpected to find a woman with faith in this pagan city. Now we see grace. A display of God’s sovereign grace bestowed on a great sinner. Then, safety. Rahab lived in a condemned city but she is safe because of God’s great mercy. Next, we see transformation. She was changed by grace so that her name appears in Hebrews 11:31. And finally, testimony. She hung the scarlet chord out the window.

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