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Basic Gospel

with Bob Christopher and Bob Davis
Prophecy of the Resurrection Wednesday, April 28, 2021
"The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is what sets Christianity apart. Scott asks about Psalm 22 - is it a prophecy of the death of Christ? David remarks that God guided people in the Old Testament; did he speak to them through scripture as he does under the New Covenant? Beck asks if Jesus ever consumed alcohol and, if so, when and where?

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Proof: The Resurrection

Everyday we meet people who are longing for something new and better. They are looking for that way of escape from the power of sin and death. To say thank you for your gift this month to Basic Gospel, I want to send you our CD “Proof.” This resource will help you explore the evidence concerning Christ’s resurrection and deepen your resolve to share his story with the world. It is his story that brings hope to those trapped in the struggle and issues an invitation to experience the power of his resurrection here and now.

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