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Basic Gospel

with Bob Christopher and Bob Davis
The Bridge Tuesday, September 15, 2020
"In this crazy world we live in there's a lot of uncertainly and instability. However as believers we have a hope. Throughout the Scripture we read God's promises. But too often we see a trail of condemnation as we try to live up to the law. Only when we come to the grace of God poured out through Jesus Christ can we walk the trail of assurance in his finished work. * What does it mean to "do all things in moderation"? Is that in the Bible? * Why in Ephesians 17:26 is Paul still dealing with the sin issue if Christ finished his work on the cross? * Are all the promises to Israel fulfilled in the Body of Christ? Is the Church Israel?

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Simple Gospel, Simply Grace

I want to send a copy of Simple Gospel, Simply Grace to you as a token of my appreciation for standing with Basic Gospel through this global coronavirus scare. This will be a great reminder that the one who loves you and gave himself for you is living in you today.This is a great resource to share with someone you know who is struggling. Your act of kindness may be the thing that turns their eyes to Jesus. - Bob Christopher

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