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Messianic Viewpoint

with Jacques Isaac Gabizon
The Book of Genesis Part 139 & 140 Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Genesis is not a book of science, nor is it a historical book. It is the Book of God. It is a book of faith. While in its entirety the Bible does contains true and important information about many of the sciences, and from a historical context confirms beforehand many of the modern day archeological finds, it must find its primary purpose as the book which affords us the privilege of knowing the Creator Who then created all things. The Hebrew title for Genesis is Bereisheet which means beginning. In the beginning, there we were and as we look at our past and origins, it will give us a great understanding of our present world, and of ourselves. As far back in the past as Genesis was in time, it is still so close to us today; its words are alive and powerful and its truths remain unchanged. Welcome to Messianic Viewpoint with Jacques Isaac Gabizon and our continuing study in the Book of Genesis. Be blessed as you listen in. Shalom!

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