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Messianic Viewpoint

with Jacques Isaac Gabizon
The Book of Revelation, Part 34 Friday, December 8, 2023
We are starting a new section of the Bible, a seasonable one, a book for today, the Book of Revelation. The word Revelation, apocalysis, means the unveiling, the uncovering of something that was hidden and now revealed, and while it is a word that is often associated with chaos or calamities, this is only a  part of its scope, The rest of its content reveals to  us some great and profound eternal truths unseen anywhere else in Scripture. It will supply great details for us concerning the eternal home of those who’ve trusted their lives to God and His Messiah. This then is what the Book of Revelation is really about; the uncovering of the facets of our God that is so powerful that it will energize us and make us whole and confident. Thank you for joining us in this study.

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