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Bible Answer Man

with Hank Hanegraaff
Not-So-Settled Science, and Q&A Friday, April 3, 2020
On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank brings up an article in USA Today titled, “Neanderthals didn't just hunt mammoths. They actually knew how to fish, researchers discover” by Doyle Rice. The article goes on to dispel the fervently held notion that Neanderthals were club-wielding brutes; instead, they were skilled fishermen whose seafood diet increased their cognitive ability and boosted their aptitude for abstract thought. So as it turns out, Neanderthals were human beings after all. Once again what has long been touted as settled science turns out not to be so settled after all. This, says Hank, should not surprise us in the least because scientific academics are hardly impervious to group-think—particularly when tenure, social dynamics, and grants are in play.   Hank also answers the following question:   I was talking to someone who claimed that we have no historical proof that Jesus existed and that we don’t have the originals of the works of Tacitus and Josephus so they must be forgeries. How would you answer that?

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