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Bible Answer Man

with Hank Hanegraaff
Scan Results, Gay Girl, Good God, and Q&A Wednesday, July 1, 2020
On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank gives a brief update on his health, letting listeners know that the results of his CT scan yesterday came in and the scan showed no signs of cancer in his body. Hank also talks about the new featured resource for the month of July, the book Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry. It’s almost written like poetry; once you start reading it you won’t be able to stop. Hank is enthusiastically sharing this book for two reasons. First, because he thinks you’re going to be moved by the story of a life redeemed and how God is using this book to bring healing and wholeness to people. Second, because issues of sexuality and gender confusion are now derailing and destroying countless lives. Sadly, multiplied thousands of young people are succumbing to devastating myths and pseudo-truths perpetuated by a secular, post-truth culture that has largely lost its moral moorings and is now dangerously adrift on a misty gray sea of relativism. In this growing spiritual darkness, the importance of lighthouses can hardly be overestimated, and Hank thinks Jackie’s story is one such lighthouse. Hank answers the following questions: With all the other religions out there, how are we to prove that the Christian belief is the truth? What happens to the Church just before and during the first half of the Great Tribulation?

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Gay Girl, Good God

“Christ did not die to redeem us in part. Neither did He rise so that we might have life in portions.”from Gay Girl, Good God, by Jackie Hill Perry

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