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Bible Answers Live

with Doug Batchelor
One With an Ending, the Second Without Sunday, March 3, 2024
From cover to cover, the Bible is filled with stories of temptations and attacks, betrayals and losses - Babylon against Israel.  Today, the Lord is still watching for signs in us of surrender, signs in us of seriousness and fidelity, signs that we are ready... but our taste for the mundane grows; our worship of the world has barely begun.  "Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen," and we must leave for it has become a dwelling place of demons.  This world rots and strides toward its destruction, yet God's Kingdom has no end.  His Kingdom of glory will be forever.  Join us now as we learn that understanding God's Word affects our image of Him and our relationship with Him, and that misunderstanding it will change our ability to love Him and reject the devil.  Study with us now !

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