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Born to Win

with Ronald L. Dart
Eyes to See Friday, November 8, 2019
The Bible says the first man was made out of dirt. Scientists says life might have originated out of green slime. That's close enough to agreement for the moment. The point being that somewhere between dirt or green slime, and the man we see standing before us, something had to be done. Not just something. A lot of stuff had to be done, and when you really look at it the implications are awesome. For example, I have to see my eye doctor three times a year, and I am always left waiting in his examination room. The walls there are covered with pictures and diagrams of the human eye. I often gaze at these pictures with something approaching religious awe. The eyes that I see all around the walls were designed. It seems impossible to me that anyone could fail to see that. It was one particular diagram that started me thinking...

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