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Born to Win

with Ronald L. Dart
Objective Truth Friday, November 22, 2019
What is objective truth? Subjective truth is something that is true to you but may not be true for me. Objective truth is something that is true for everyone. It is not based on a false religiosity centered on personal experience. People speak of having “experienced” God. But that experience is not of truth to me. I can’t verify it. And if that experience contradicts objective truth, then it is false. For many people, a paranormal experience they have had trumps all objective truth. They are special to God, and you can’t tell them anything. I was struck by all of this, because it had long since become clear to me that Christianity had completely lost touch with its roots. And I don’t mean its Hebrew roots, or its Jewish origins. I mean its roots in objective truth. It is very much the “in” thing to do, these days, to question everything, challenge everything, and change nearly everything. In the process, a lot of people become disoriented and get lost in the shuffle. People everywhere find themselves dissatisfied with their church. Our church may be knowledge based, or experience based, or based on Hebrew Roots, or based on group participation, extemporaneous communication. When we come together as a church, it seems to me that there is a small handful of things that are of importance: worship, fellowship, service, edification. And when it comes to this last item, if it is not based on objective truth, we are going to end up as lost as the rest of the world.

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