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The Boundless Show

with Lisa Anderson
Compassion Without Compromise: Episode 676 Thursday, January 14, 2021
Caring without compromising your values, plus (kinda) natural ways to share your faith, and should you date someone who’s not your type?     Featured musical artist: Liz ViceRoundtable: Care, But Don’t CaveYour friend doesn’t share the same values as you. You want to be nice, but when he or she does something you don’t agree with, how should you respond? Should you tell them exactly what you think of their bad behavior? Brush it off? Wait and see? Our guests discuss what it looks like to be respectful toward people we disagree with, and how to love others without stonewalling, enabling, or compromising your faith.   Guests: Sara Bess Kemeny, Austin Johnson, Glenn StantonCulture: The Long Game of Sharing the GospelLet’s face it: Sharing your faith with others is hard. We all know someone we’d love to see come to Christ, but the question remains: How do I talk with him or her about spiritual things? Randy Newman is a firm believer that evangelism looks more like a gradual process than just one conversation. Before becoming a Christian in college, he spent years interacting with believers and learning from them. Whether you find sharing the gospel scary or not, this conversation will encourage you. Inbox: Dating Outside Your TypeIs dating someone who’s not your type a valuable exercise or a waste of time? Is there a way to broaden who you find attractive? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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