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The Boundless Show

with Lisa Anderson
Getting to Know You: Episode 859 Thursday, July 18, 2024
How to really get to know people, plus Kris Swiatocho gives advice to her 20-something self, and why are many Christians OK with gossip?        Featured musical artist: Darlene Zschech  Roundtable: Study Others to Show You Care When you meet someone, he or she makes an impression on you. But truly getting to know someone takes intention, time and effort. Our guests discuss lessons they’ve learned in forming connections and going deeper in their understanding of others. They also share some of the hallmarks of a good friendship.   Leave Us a Voicemail Culture: Lessons From a Lifelong Single (Part 2) Kris Swiatocho had a rough start as a young adult. She admits she wasn’t walking with the Lord, so after a season of partying and poor relationship choices, Kris saw the chance to join a Christian community — and took it. After witnessing what churches do well and not so well in ministering to the unmarried, she started The Singles Network Ministries. Looking back on all she’s learned, she shares advice she’d give to her young adult self.  Intentional Relationships for Singles: Prepare, Plan, Pursue, Propose Visit Kris’s Website Inbox: Why Are Christians OK With Gossip?  Does it seem like Christians in your church and friend groups are OK with gossip and white lies? Why is this, and what can we do about it? Counselor Angel Perez weighs in. Guest: Angel Perez Link to Counseling Services  Find us on YouTube

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