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The Boundless Show

with Lisa Anderson
Shallow Relationships: Episode 824 Thursday, November 16, 2023
When going deep with others is difficult, plus handling rough family dynamics during the holidays, and bitterness over being left out.   Featured musical artist: Kerrie Roberts   Roundtable: When a Relationship Feels Shallow   Some friendships bring instant connection. You both have something in common and you hit it off. Soon you’re able to be real, challenging and sharpening each other. But for others, no matter how hard you try, the connection or the will to go deep just isn’t there. This can happen with family, too — or even a boyfriend or girlfriend. What do you do when it feels like a relationship lacks a heart and mind connection? That’s the question we get to the bottom of this week.   Leave Us a Voicemail   Culture: Family Doesn’t Guarantee Holiday Happiness   Holiday hype promises warmth, family and nostalgia, but family gatherings can be anything but fun if you have to face that relative. If your family is less than picture perfect, how do you survive? Can you celebrate without hurt, resentment, confrontation or even an all-out war? Counselor Tim Sanford offers practical ways to manage expectations, establish boundaries and keep the peace, even around the most challenging family members.   Forgive for Real: Six Steps to Forgiving   Just Annoying, or Truly Unsafe? How to Navigate Get-Togethers with Difficult Family  Inbox: No Room in the Apartment   She was planning to move out with friends, but then they got a place without her. She found out after the fact and wants to know how to move on from feeling betrayed. Counselor Linda Miller weighs in.        Link to Counseling Services

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