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Candid Conversations with Jonathan Youssef

with Jonathan Youssef
Episode 20: Dave Hubbard: Former NFL Player Dishes on Fitness Tuesday, January 7, 2020
Do you want spiritual and physical help making progress on your health and fitness goals this year? Join Jonathan as he talks to Dave Hubbard, a former NFL player who is now America's Fitness Coach.Dave grew up on a farm in California. He played college football and then was drafted by the New Orleans Saints to play in the NFL. After leaving the NFL to become a pastor, he was almost killed when his parachute did not open on his first skydiving adventure. During his recovery, Dave was overweight and out of shape for the first time in his life. This led to what Dave describes as his "fitness crisis" and his search for a fitness formula that would help him get and stay fit.In this episode of Candid Conversations, Dave shares the captivating story of his fitness journey. As he does, you will receive Biblical encouragement to pursue physical fitness and practical tools to improve your strength and stamina in just 10 minutes a day so you can live a healthier and more productive life in Christ.You can learn more about Dave's 10 minute fitness program at https://GetFit10.com.To ask Jonathan a question or connect with the Candid community, visit https://LTW.org/Candid 

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