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Candid Conversations with Jonathan Youssef

with Jonathan Youssef
Episode 21: David Robertson: The #1 Question Young People Are Asking Tuesday, January 14, 2020
Do you know the #1 question young people worldwide are asking about the Christian faith? Why are only youth in the West asking about suffering? Do you feel equipped to answer questions about Christianity?Join Jonathan Youssef as he welcomes David Robertson to Candid Conversations. David is an experienced minister and gifted apologist who can explain complex theological Truth in a simple and engaging way.He has written several books including The Dawkins Letters, he has The Wea Flea blog, and he has recently released ASK: Real World Questions/ Real World Answers. In it, he takes questions from young people around the world about Christianity and provides simple but profound answers. As he shares, you will learn how to answer popular questions about the faith using Biblical Truth and insight.ASK: Real World Questions/Real World AnswersTo ask Jonathan a question or connect with the Candid community, visit https://LTW.org/Candid

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