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The Counter Culture Mom Show

with Tina Griffin
Christ’s Resurrection is Key to Christianity Giving Us Victory Over Sin and Death - Jeff Brannon Thursday, July 18, 2024
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central theme in Scripture that gives us a hope for a future in heaven, says Jeff Brannon, a professor and chair of biblical studies at Belhaven University. Jesus died as an atoning sacrifice for our sins, but the story doesn’t end with His death - it truly begins with the resurrection! Without the resurrection, there is no Christianity. We should celebrate Easter every day and rejoice in Christ’s powerful victory over sin and death. He is the hero who came to save us from the enemy who sought to destroy us. Because of Christ, we have joy and hope for tomorrow because He was vindicated and declared righteous and the King of Kings when He rose again. TAKEAWAYS Jesus was unjustly put to death, but He conquered sin when He rose from the grave All the benefits we have as a Christian center on the resurrection and us being united with Christ Before our salvation, we had a sin-centered master and a sin nature: now we we have new orientation and identity as Christians We are servants of righteousness 🛠 TOOLS AND RESOURCES FROM EPISODE Gabb Wireless (get $25 off with code TINA): http://gabb.com/promo/TINA The Hope of Life After Death book: https://amzn.to/3LiciRx   🔗 CONNECT WITH JEFF BRANNON Website: https://bit.ly/4cpMyye   📢 THIS EPISODE SPONSORED BY Sanus1 (get 10% off with code Tina10): www.sanus1.com/Tina10 Capstone Legacy Foundation: https://capstonelegacy.org/ TUVU (sign up for free 30-day trial): https://www.tuvu.com/tina Jase Medical (get a discount with code TINA): https://bit.ly/JaseCCM   🔗 CONNECT WITH COUNTER CULTURE MOM https://linktr.ee/CounterCultureMom   📺 WATCH OUR PREVIOUS SHOWS https://bit.ly/FPMCCMshow   📲 GET OUR APP & FREE PARENT MEDIA GUIDE http://bit.ly/landingpageCCM   💵 SUPPORT THE MISSION 2023 Recap & 2024 Goals: https://bit.ly/CCM23ImpactReport Make a Tax-Deductible Donation: https://counterculturemom.com/partner/

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