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Cynthia Garrett's Girl Club

with Cynthia Garrett
The God Man: How This Prodigal Daughter Found Her Way Home Monday, May 22, 2023
"Where I was spiritually when you [Darren Wilson] hired me to be on this film was...it was so bad. I wanted nothing to do with Jesus. At all. Nothing." - Serenity Wilson, reflecting on the beginning of her journey working on the making of THE GOD MAN movie. By the end of filming Serenity was completely on fire for Jesus. What happened? Serenity Wilson joins Cynthia Garrett and the Girl Club Crew to share her powerful story.THE GOD MAN movie - Executive Produced by Cynthia Garrett - focuses on the most famous person in history...Jesus Christ. Who is Jesus? He is not church. He is not religion. He is not hypocrisy. He is Jesus, and He is far better than you can ever imagine.Find out more about THE GOD MAN movie - https://thegodmanfilm.com/Watch THE GOD MAN in movie theaters on JUNE 6th 2023 ONLY - Get Your Tickets - https://www.fathomevents.com/events/The-God-ManDo you want to know your TRUE IDENTITY? Get your FREE list of IDENTITY AFFIRMATIONS https://mailchi.mp/cynthiagarrett/identityaffirmationsTake THE IDENTITY CHALLENGE: https://mailchi.mp/cynthiagarrett/identitychallengeWE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU - send us your video thoughts on how THE IDENTITY CHALLENGE impacts you - [email protected] CLUB is Real Girls having Real Talk about Real Issues and applying their very Real Faith! Join Cynthia Garrett, Christina Reynolds, Nova Page and Christina Boudreau LIVE Every Monday at 9am PST / 11am CST / 12noon EST / 5pm UK / 6pm SA. Find out more about the ladies - https://www.cynthiagarrett.org/girlclub'GIRL CLUB' MUGS NOW AVAILABLE - including The BREAKTHROUGH ASSASSIN Mug! VISIT CGM’S STORE TODAY: https://my-store-bc8adb-2.creator-spring.com/Watch THE LONDON SESSIONS w/ CYNTHIA GARRETT - https://thelondonsessionswithcynthiagarrett.vhx.tv/Buy CGM a Coffee and Support Our Work! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/cgministriesIf you would like to support CGM with a one-time or recurring gift you can do that here: https://www.cynthiagarrett.org/partnerTo support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/1546/29

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“Overcoming Brokenness”, a FREE chapter download from Cynthia Garrett

Overcoming Brokenness is taken from Cynthia Garrett’s book “Prodigal Daughter”, which features Cynthia’s testimony. This is a candid, real, raw and challenging look at a Journey Home To Your Identity. TV personality and Evangelist, Cynthia Garrett, shares an incredible red carpeted, celebrity filled, journey through her life, while teaching lessons that only experiences applied to the Word Of God can teach. Cynthia deals with the luring appeal of the media, the shattering of divorce, the shame of sexual abuse, the anger of rape, the fear in battling cancer, the challenges of single motherhood, the war for self-esteem, the confusion of fame, and the healing found in confronting brokenness head on. Cynthia Garrett leads you on a very personal and powerful journey to finally finding, owning, and living victoriously in your authentic identity.

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