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Pastor Rick's Daily Hope

with Pastor Rick Warren
How To Get Ready for A Miracle—Part One of One Friday, April 19, 2024
Do you want God to do miracles in your life? In this series, Pastor Rick shares why faith is the key to miracles, challenging you to grow and be stretched in your faith so you can experience God’s blessing, spiritual maturity, answered prayers, and even miracles. Are you facing a problem that seems unsolvable? Join Pastor Rick for this message series as he teaches the steps you need to take to face your problems and follow through in obedience so God can work a miracle in your life. God is not sweating your unsolvable problem. He knows the solution to your problem before you even recognize it’s a problem! Pastor Rick explains in this message why you need to give God whatever you have—your “five loaves and two fish”—even if you don’t think it amounts to much.  

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The Purpose Driven Life for the Graduate

Graduation is a time of honoring the hard work of the past—and celebrating the potential of the future. It’s the perfect time to remind a graduate that God created them, loves them, and has a plan for their life. That’s why Pastor Rick created a special resource just for graduates called, The Purpose Driven Life: Selected Thoughts and Scriptures for the Graduate. This beautiful gift book encourages graduates with these key biblical truths: • You were planned for God's pleasure • You were formed for a family and community • You were created to become like Christ • You were shaped for serving God • You were made for a mission The Purpose Driven Life: Selected Thoughts and Scriptures for the Graduate is our thanks for your gift to help more people around the world understand that God loves them and has a plan for them. So ask for yours when you give below today. Thanks for your partnership!

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