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Destined for Victory

with Paul Sheppard
How to See Your Wall Fall, Part 1 (cont'd) Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Understanding what it means to walk by faith; how God speaks to us; the importance of faith and obedience; based on Joshua 6:1-17. CLICK HERE to ORDER this 2-part series on CD!

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Featured Offer from Destined for Victory

“Getting Right with Those You’ve Wronged” (booklet)

We talk a lot about forgiving people who have done us wrong, but what if you are the offender? Are you open to the possibility that you have been wrong? In this study, Pastor Paul Sheppard encourages Christians who want to walk in victory to learn how to make things right with those they have wronged. Discover the abundant blessings that come to believers who make things right with those they have offended.

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