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Every Last Word

with Dr. Philip Graham Ryken
Dead and Buried Sunday, November 22, 2020
There were things to be done. Preparations had to be made. Jesus had died. A secret Christian courageously makes his faith known and takes Jesus body to be buried. And the women who loved Jesus, go to anoint Jesus body with oil and spices.

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Divine Simplicity (PDF Download)

"There is nothing more basic than God. To put it more confusingly, there is nothing more basic than God’s god-ness that can explain Him or account for Him." (James Dolezal) For most of us, the doctrine of divine simplicity seems anything but simple! Thankfully, the writers at Place for Truth have clearly and succinctly explained what simplicity means, and why it remains a vital doctrine for the Church today. May our God be praised, "the One than whom nothing higher can be thought."

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