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Every Last Word

with Dr. Philip Graham Ryken
The Hour of the Power of Darkness Sunday, September 20, 2020
Has anyone ever betrayed you? Has anyone treated you differently than you thought that they should? Jesus understands what you have been through, because he too, was betrayed by one of the people closest to Him.

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Whom Shall I Send? (PDF Download)

 Eric Alexander delivered this message from Isaiah at an assembly of ministers; yet, it is ever so needed today for all Christians. As we think of the prophet’s calling and commission, let us consider our own calling and commission—to be salt and light in a world of decay and darkness —and the necessity of our “guilt being pardoned” and our “sin atoned for” in which we find “both the qualification and the motivation for serving God.”  To quote Eric, “It is only a profound work of grace that has opened our eyes to see the depths of God’s atoning mercy which in our own generation propel us into a glad abandon to God in thankfulness and joy, ready to do anything, go anywhere, make any sacrifice and respond joyfully to any command...We need to catch something of that spirit, that wide-eyed wonder at the possibility of serving God. We need a continual sense of the unbelievable privilege it is to serve “'the high and lofty One, whose name is holy.'”May the Lord bless your reading of Eric’s message as you ponder Isaiah’s call and commission as well as your own qualification and motivation to say with glad abandon,“ Here am I, Lord, please send me!”

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