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Faithful 31 Moms

with Mallory Allen
15 Fun, Faithful, and Affordable Summer Activities for the Family Wednesday, June 5, 2024
15 summer activities, all designed with the purpose to have conversations about Jesus with your kids while you do them together. Complete with supporting verses and directions for each fun activity.   Shownotes & Links Homemade Bubbles Recipe: 4 cups warm water, whisk in 1/2 cup of sugar, then whisk in 1/2 cup of blue Dawn dish soap and last stir in 1/2 corn starch. Let sit overnight so they can settle. Purchase bubble wands from the dollar store and have fun!   Below is the shopping list for all 15 activities, so you can knock it all out quickly! To download the 15 fun ideas and the shopping list, go HERE and enter your email address.   Grocery Store: Sugar Blue dawn soap Cornstarch Marshmallows Hersheys chocolate bars Graham crackers Fire starter log Capri suns Peanut butter or sun butter Scavenger hunt snacks   Craft Store: String Safety pins Kids scissors Different color spools of ribbon Paint & brushes for rocks Crayola model magic   Hardware Store: Water hose sprinkler for the yard Paint chip samples (FREE!) Bird seed   Dollar Store: Car wash & sponges Bubble wands Flashlights popsicle shape maker for the freezer Toothbrushes Plastic tub   Faithful 31 Moms is a ministry all about encouraging you mom, to grow in your faith so you can point your kids to Jesus. Faithful 31 Moms is a biweekly podcast of devotionals, interviews, mom stories and encouragement from God’s Word, hosted by Mallory Allen. For more information please go to faithful31moms.com   Make a donation to this ministry HERE.   We are part of Feedspot’s Top 60 Christian Moms Podcasts!

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Casting of the Flowers Children's Book

Pastor Adrian and Mrs. Joyce Rogers celebrated their long-term marriage several times on trips to Switzerland through a tradition they called “Casting of the Flowers.” Inspired by their story, Mallory Allen of Faithful31Moms has created a children’s book. Description:  Little Adrian and his mom are off to enjoy a beautiful day together, with a picnic lunch on a mountainside covered in wildflowers! Adrian looks out over God's creation and asks questions about God, leading to the “Casting of the Flowers” as mother and son go through the alphabet sharing names and characteristics of God.

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