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Faithful 31 Moms

with Mallory Allen
How to Trust God with Unwavering Faith Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Moms of the Bible Series, part 6. How can you trust God like Naomi through difficulty and have unwavering loyalty like Ruth? These 2 moms have a lot to teach us!   Shownotes & Links My Challenges for You: 1.     Read the Book of Ruth for yourself—It’s just 4 chapters! 2.     Pray Lord through and ask the Lord for a Naomi mentor in your life. 3.     Tune in to our podcast interview next month on how to find and ask someone to be your mentor.   For more products go to https://www.lwf.org/faithful-31-moms and use code F31M10 for 10% off your purchase!   Faithful 31 Moms offers advice and resources for Christian parenting and encouragement for being a mom raising kids to live out their faith, as you point your children to Jesus with your life. To check out other Moms of the Bible devotional podcasts or our PDF "3 Ways to Have a Better Relationship With Your Mother-in-law” go to: faithful31moms.com

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Casting of the Flowers Children's Book

Pastor Adrian and Mrs. Joyce Rogers celebrated their long-term marriage several times on trips to Switzerland through a tradition they called “Casting of the Flowers.” Inspired by their story, Mallory Allen of Faithful31Moms has created a children’s book. Description:  Little Adrian and his mom are off to enjoy a beautiful day together, with a picnic lunch on a mountainside covered in wildflowers! Adrian looks out over God's creation and asks questions about God, leading to the “Casting of the Flowers” as mother and son go through the alphabet sharing names and characteristics of God.

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