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Family Talk Weekends

with Dr. Dobson
Preserving Religious Freedom: The Dangers of the Equality Act - I Saturday, July 13, 2019
A dangerous piece of legislation is making its way through Congress threatening religious liberty and true equality. Today, Dr. Dobson examines the proposed ‘Equality Act’ with attorney Kelly Shackelford from First Liberty Institute. Kelly and Dr. Dobson explain the current status of this bill, and the destructive impact it will have on faith groups across America.

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Despite what some would have us believe...

The fact is, boys and girls are different. God created us that way! Gender confusion, left to itself, is not only damaging to children as individuals, but it can tear families apart and ultimately undermine the stability of society.  In our free digital resource,"Are Boys and Girls Really that Different?," Dr. James Dobson lays out the questionable history of this hot-button American issue of gender identity and contrasts it with timeless biblical truth. What can we, as parents do? And how can our culture regain some much-needed perspective? 

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