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Family Talk Weekends

with Dr. James Dobson
What Women Should Know About Men - III Saturday, March 30, 2024
In our society, men are often unfairly depicted as uncaring and unthoughtful, when in reality, they are simply unsure of how to display love and communicate their feelings. Today on this classic edition of Family Talk, Dr. James Dobson concludes his timeless interview with author Shaunti Feldhahn, revealing crucial information that women need to know about their husbands. Be enlightened as Shaunti and Dr. Dobson discuss the importance of romance in marriage, and why couples must intentionally carve out meaningful time for one another.

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Bringing Up Boys

With so much confusion about the role of men in society, it’s no wonder we have questions about how to bring up boys in the right way. Why are so many young males in crisis? What qualities should we be instilling in our sons? The culture has vilified masculinity, and as a result, an entire generation of boys is growing up without a clear idea of what it means to be a man. To help parents confront this challenge, the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute has developed a new 10-day email series based on Dr. Dobson’s best-selling book, Bringing Up Boys. It’s designed to equip you to wisely lead your sons to become godly men.

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