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Family Talk

with Dr. James Dobson
A Compassionate Argument for ProLife: A Dr.'s Perspective - I Thursday, January 14, 2021
Family Talk’s regular contributor, Dr.William Lile, the “Pro-life Doc,” sits down with Dr. Clinton to discuss the increasing threats facing the pro-life movement, due to a new administration entering the White House. Dr. Lile describes the dangerous new trend of increasing prescription “abortion pills.” He elaborates that it’s not just “the morning after” pill, but rather abortion on-demand, and it can be used up to 10 weeks into a pregnancy. This horrible drug, which is sold in a simple capsule, could soon become a mail-order prescription, easily accessed without any true medical supervision and becoming widespread across the country.  Dr. Clinton draws on his expertise to explain the psychological effects that abortion has on the mother and father who choose to abort their baby. This conversation is for mature listeners, but is vital content for all people of faith. Dr. Lile and Dr. Clinton close part 1 of their discussion by revealing the worst culprit to this tragedy—Planned Parenthood, and explain what listeners can do to express their outrage to their representatives at the state and federal levels. 

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