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Focal Point

with Pastor Mike Fabarez
Passionate About the Gospel Friday, March 16, 2018
On this edition of Focal Point, Pastor Mike Fabarez reminds us that the good news of Christ really is good news when we understand what's really at stake! It's a stirring Q&A session today on Ask Pastor Mike.

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"True For You But Not For Me"

Do You Need Answers?How do you respond to challenges to your faith?The world is intolerant of Christian beliefs. You've probably heard many of the anti-Christian comebacks and conversation-enders that refute the relevance and validity of Christianity, including:"Who are you to impose your morality on others?""What right do you have to convert others to your views?""It doesn't matter what you believe--as long as you're sincere.""You can't trust the Gospels--they're unreliable."These comments don't have to be conversation stoppers. True for You, But Not for Me will provide you with clear, concise, and thoughtful answers to these critical remarks and help you gently respond in ways that move into more meaningful conversations with those who object to your faith.Request True for You But Not for Me with your generous donation this month.

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