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Focus on the Family Parenting Podcast

with Jim Daly
How to Stop Worrying About Stuff Tuesday, May 14, 2024
Does it ever feel like you are running out of space, because you have so much stuff sometimes? Courtney Ellis tells Jim Daly how she's struggled with this very thing as a mom of young kids. Plus, John and Danny will encourage you why taking little steps can go a long way in living a more organized life.   Find us online at focusonthefamily.com/parentingpodcast. Or call 1-800-A-FAMILY.   Receive the book Uncluttered for your donation of any amount!   Learn About the 7 Traits of Effective Parenting   Listen Anytime   How Do I Declutter My Life?   Busy, Busy, Busy    If you've listened to any of our podcasts, please give us your feedback.

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