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From His Heart

with Dr. Jeff Schreve
How to Sing in the Rain - Part 2 Thursday, October 10, 2019
When we experience great trauma in life, it’s easy to feel as if God has forgotten us.  We lose our joy and our song. What do we do when terrible troubles steal our song? In this hopeful message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, discover how you can take your eyes off your troubles and on to the Savior.  

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The Recovery Room: God’s Way to Experiencing Miracles from the Emotional Hurts of Life

In this 7-message series about healing your emotions, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares powerful and practical truths from God’s Word that will help you begin to truly get on the road to recovery. If you think it will take a miracle to heal your wounds, there is one on the way for those who put their faith in our healing God.

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