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From His Heart

with Dr. Jeff Schreve
Special Delivery - Part 2 Thursday, December 3, 2020
The people who followed Jesus during His earthly ministry had been promised a Helper to guide them … once Jesus was gone.  Have you ever wondered what happened on the day this Helper showed up and the church was born?  In this incredible message called SPECIAL DELIVERY from Dr. Jeff Schreve, he explains the magnificent way those faithful followers received the Holy Spirit and how that changed their lives.

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The Unknown God - Series

The Bible is clear that God is one. But that One God exists in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Many of us are a little unclear when it comes to our understanding of the Holy Spirit.  He tends to be the mysterious and somewhat unknown third person of the Trinity.  In this insightful series, Dr. Jeff Schreve opens the Scriptures to reveal the truth about the Holy Spirit and the wonderful things He wants to do in and through us to bring glory to Jesus Christ.

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