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Gary Wilkerson Podcast

with Gary Wilkerson
Faith & Fitness - Called to Coach Others How to Be Healthy - 107 Thursday, February 18, 2021
God wants his people to be wholly holy—spirit, soul and body. He cares for the whole person. Eric Barber—former CrossFit athlete, trainer and gym owner—joins Gary Wilkerson to discuss how God has called him to help others with fitness, health and nutrition. View podcast show notes: https://wcm.link/gwp107c Support this podcast

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One of the great privileges we have as Christians is finding favor from the Lord. Yet our understanding of "favor" can be off. We are sometimes told that it's all about us, that God gave us a house, car or job so we could have all we need. This view of God's provision, though, can't fully encompass all that God wants for us. Beginning February 1st, a new episode of this audiobook will be released every Monday for 11 weeks. If you feel like your relationship to God is frail, this series will refresh your faith. You will get to see God's care for you as his child and a gain new perspective on life. Don't miss out. Sign up today!

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