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Gary Wilkerson Podcast

with Gary Wilkerson
The Preeminent Passion in the Heart of God - 073 Thursday, June 25, 2020
ABOUT GOD - PART 10 | What is the deepest desire of God’s heart? Guest Sam Storms joins Gary Wilkerson to discuss this question and more. • The greatest gift that God could ever give us is himself. • God glory is most clearly seen when we are deeply and fully satisfied in Him. • The greatest glory of the gospel is not that our sins are forgiven, but that we get see, enjoy and delight in God himself. • God is massively superior and greater than any problem that you may be facing in your life today. • God is infinite with no limit to the features and facets of his personality and character. • There is nothing more appealing, adorable, glorious, majestic, or splendid than God in all of His glory View full show notes (https://wcm.link/gwp73c) Support this podcast

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